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Hello everyone. I'm a 23 year old female who has basically felt like I've been run over by a truck for about 3 years now. Every doctor I went to diagnosed me with depression, which always ticked me off...I'd take thier script for Prozac and promptly toss it in the trash upon returning home-I know I'm not depressed! I've been going to the same doctor for a year now...feeling tired all time, feeling *****, gained alot of weight, etc. She measured my thyroid last year, but said it was normal and since I didn't know better I never asked for #s. One thing she consistently noticed was that the glands in my necks were constantly enlarged, last month she ordered an ultrasound on my neck and found a cyst on my thyroid. Being concerned I asked for another test...she came back and said it was normal. I asked for the numbers (she didn't even have them with her, she had to go get them! :rolleyes: ) Here is all she came back with:

T4 Thyroxin 11.0
Free Thryroxin Index 12.1

I asked bout TSH and whatnot but she said the FTI was comparable, and the people in the lab said all was well. I don't feel well! After finding about my cyst, it has come to light that my grandmother had thyroid problems (I think goiters but nobody is sure because she's not living anymore). The more and more I read bout things, the more they make some sense. Is there anyone here that can figure anything out based on these two numbers I have here?! On a hunch, I contacted a new docter (an internal medicine dr.) outside of where I have been going currently, I am fed up with feeling like this, I'm only 23! If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!
[QUOTE]she said the FTI was comparable, and the people in the lab said all was well You're kidding, right? The "people in the lab"???!!! Unbelievable!
Run away from that woman as fast as you can. She knows nothing about thyroid disease, diagnosis, or treatment... and it's obvious she's relying on "the people in the lab" to do her job!

You're young, and sad to say, doctors will tend to discount what you tell them. You'll be doomed to a lifetime of discarding Prozac scripts if you don't take a stand right now. (Even sadder would be the day when you've given up on feeling well and finally fill the Prozac script.) Read and learn everything you can possibly absorb about thyroid disease. You'll have a much better chance of getting help, because you'll know what to ask for. You can start learning right here on this board by reading the "Information Archive" at the top of the subject list. Then get copies of the books mentioned there. When you understand what all the terms and tests are, you'll feel more empowered to ask your NEW doctor for the kind of care you need and deserve.

Also, if you have time, read some of the personal stories in the "Let's post our stories" thread. You'll see how hard it can be to get a thyroid diagnosis, but you'll see how rewarding it can be when you finally find the right MD.