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I came pretty close to suicide. Seperated from my husband. Just about to get a divorce. And I was on Prozac AND Xanax at the same time and they did NOTHING for me.
I was dx'd hypo last August. I'm off the anti-d's since just before starting thyroid meds. My dh and I are together again and we've both agreed that we never want to go through that again. I'm happy now for the first time in years. We still have our struggles but it doesn't get to me anymore. I haven't got my last labs back yet but I'm fairly confident my meds will need to be increased. But for me, the single most improved symptom is depression. I don't have it anymore.
And this is really weird. My depression was at it's worst when my TSH was 8.6. The last TSH I had (I had one since but haven't got the results yet), my TSH was 32.7. Yes that's right-32.7. Of couse it's the only thing the doc will test and I've no choice of docs due to no job or insurance. So I go to the county clinic.
Get to the bottom of it ASAP. Depression can creep up on you or it can hit you like a ton of bricks.