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Ok; this started early last week, as a result I took thursday off from school, but now it's worse. What I have acquired are bumps on my face and bags under my eye. I look bad; So bad infact I took Wednesday of this week past week off too, and I seen my doctor yesterday about these problems and some others I was having. BTW, I am 16 if that would be relevant to anyone.

He doctor said that I have a cold thats going around - I /really/ don't believe that. I don't have any cold symptoms, I think what I experiencing is a result of my allergies, which I have quite a few of. He refuses to give me anything to alleviate the bags and bumps because I am already on Advair and Prozac, he doesn't want me to take allot of medications. I don't want to go back begging him for anything so soon so I need some logical reasoning for my bumps and bags; and a way to alleviate the problems so I can continue school with confidence. I've been getting plenty of sleep so I know that's not it, the past few morning I've been applying ice to my eyes, and under my eyes on my bags.. I think this reduced the bags little bit but they didn't go away, and the other night I also tried cucumbers, but they didn't yield the result I really wanted.

He recently issued my sister some Benzoyl Peroxide bumps on her face, but according to him I have a cold; But IMO I don't.

What can I do? Please feel free to ask questions, I'll be checking back to this topic often so I can act quickly.