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Hi peoples..

Ok, this started late April and has been going on ever since. I have these sneezing fits while I am inside. My house is dusty but I can't seem to do anything about it that works. My nose has been constantly running and constantly stuffed up. I get outside and start doing things, it becomes unstuffed but keeps running. Blowing it does me not good it runs to fast and when I blow my nose I make _allot_ of noise so at school I have to resort to wiping it, and the skin right at the bottom of my nose becomes irritated - last night so much so it was red.

This is soo frustrating, I am learning how to drive and my drivers exam is coming up soon, I can't concentrate! I can use my finger and a tissue and wipe it out until dry, but that only solves the problem for a few minutes. It's soo uncomfortable and I am miserable.

Along with this, this year in particular I have bags under my eyes - I get enough sleep, but the showed up around the same time as these nose problems I have every year... They itch at night and I don't look like myself, so much so I don't like looking my peers in the eye at school. They're rough and bumpy, almost like a rash.

I went to see my doctor not too long ago and he was of no help. I am already taking Advair, Abuterol for emergencies, and Prozac weekly so he claims he doesn't want to put me on any more medication.

I tried tylenol sinus -no help. Afrin Nasal Spray helped the first couple times I used it but it's like the extra strenth kind and it burns immensely - I hate using the stuff, after I put it in my nose I end up having to blow it back out after a while. It's like I can't win.

In the winter I didn't have these problems, but now I can barely breath through my nose and as a result my mouth gets dried out - I hate this. Constantly running nose, gets stuffed up at random, blowing nose iniates a sneezing fit, where I keeep having to blow/wipe my nose and it continues till finally I stop blowing my nose and go lay down on my back somwehre with a wet towl over my irritated face to sooth my nasal area.

I know these who post may seem like random bable but there is so much to this that I could say, I just have tired to include the most relivent information - feel free to pose any questions you may have! Can anyone relate and what can I do?