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i hope everything goes better for you. just hang in there. it will be very hard because your family and you are going through a lot. try to talk with a counslor at school or even a teacher. if you stress too much it can cause depression wich is not good. im in a depression situation but i have been taking some anti-deppresants that are making me feal better. you should also go check in with a phycologist and see what she has to say. it will be hard to open up with just anyone but it helps. i was 17 when they told me that i was depressed and that when you are a teen it is very hard. i am know 18 and it is still very hard for me but i take prozac and that is what has also helped me a lot. i dont know how old you are but you should get some help by someone. i hope the best of luck to you and dont worry life gets better

thanks so much, but the problem is that my father believes that you shouldn't pay ur good money to tell a person ur buisness. i dunno y, but he just doesn't stand by it.