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Dear jhamilton30,
I was having such bad panic attacks I was getting scared to drive. Strange thoughts would run through my head like a merry go round non stopping. Like "what if I have a heart attack...how will I get my kids out of the van...what if I run into a tree...what if I black out...what if I run into someone else..." it drove me crazy...all the time, I had horrible pain behind my left shoulder blade. And sometimes it felt like I had a blood pressure cuff around my neck and my head was getting so big. I tried the chiropractor, and I even whet to a cardiologist. I was finally put on Prozac, of course. But that just made me numb. Anyways after about a year going to different doctors...I was told I had fibromayalgia. In my quest to find out what that was...I learned what I actually had was an overgrowth of Candida Yeast in my body...making a MESS of my body. Then I found ThreeLac...an all natural supplement, so safe!! And I am off Prozac (after only about 4 days) and have not had ONE panic attack since January!! I feel like a new person. Not just me, but I have severl brother and sisters with similiar problems...and they have all been Panic Attack free!! ThreeLac has also relieved me of that pain in my shoulder blade...and all my chest pains...plus a ton of other symptoms! I hope you will give ThreeLac a try...you won't regret it!