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Quote from NCMomma:
Thanks so much for your reply (and prayers!). I am so sorry that you know how I feel, but glad to know I'm not alone!

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid condition or is your doctor not testing you properly? I really would like to go to an endocrinologist.

My prayers are with you too. It is very frustrating to have such crazy things wrong with your body and have people think it's all in your head!

My Dr STILL has not taken anything I have complained about seriously. He prescribed me PROZAC of all things and sent me home! Of course all of my blood work was normal too...but there is no denying I DO have a problem, whether he knows how to treat it or not. I've found a chiropractor I can trust...she also is a certified nutritionist..she diagnosed me simply by doing a nutritional analysis on me, and had my complete a short essay on my symptoms...she put 2+ 2 together and figured it out!! She also suggested that I may have low blood sugar, a direct connection to a thryoid problem...

I was poked and scanned, just the same as you!! I went through lab work, MRIs, X rays, EKGs, neurological testing...they all thought it was "in my head!"

Do you have good family and friend support?