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You have to decide what is best for you.
There have been times when I was in so much pain
that I would have let them amputate my body at the
neck but then I would be half of a book end that my wife would have to dust lol

Seriously the drs can't guarantee anything. they can just guess. there have been days when my pain level went way down to almost nothing and I'm thinking damn
i'm finally back to "normal" but a day or two later
somebody beat me with the pain stick and I'm really back to normal (normal for me is lots and lots of pain).
It took me a long time to accept the fact that at 34 years old my life as I knew it was over and I had to accept the fact that IT IS NOT WHAT I USE TO BE ABLE TO DO ,BUT WHAT I CAN DO NOW.
I had two kids early teens, that are grown now, that had to adjust to a messed up dad.

I have had 2 cervical surgies The second was fused
and 2 lumbar partial discoatomy(sp)with about 60%
better in the neck and maybe 25% better in the lower back. I get massive headaches all the time
every body is different. You may come out great and you my be messed up worse than what you already are
those are choices only you can make.
As for me the pain is getting worse. so if that means I take prozac, oxycotin, oxycoton for b/t valium
and soma for the rest of my life well then be it. at least I have some form of life.

Good luck with your decision
and may God Bless
Wayne (Diane's Husband)

2 Cervical surgies w/fuson 1986
lumbar partial disectomy April 1992 & 2002
3 AVM Brain surgeries Janurary 1993
continous neck and lumbar
pain.Pain going down both legs. Migraine
headaches 2 or 3 times a week. Unable to work

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