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YES, im currently on reboxetine 8mg. ive been on it for 1week. im suffering with side effects but i feel its working & given time may help me . i was on prozac for years before. im 29 & since i had my first breakdown when i was 17 ive been on & off meds.ive come so far in my life & i want to take it on to the next step. its been a long hard road with plenty of ups & downs! i was a scared boy when first diagnosed with depression & anxiety. my first of many breakdowns was the worst. i spent my life in pure fear & panic attacks. my mum had to stay with me practically 24hrs a day & hold me on the sofa till i fell asleep. im dependent on my parents still which is worrying. i work with my dad which i love. im so happy to be able to work.i have only really been well enough to work for four years. i live with mum & dad. i do want my own life . i struggle to work but am happiest when working & i know ive no chance of surviving without being able to work & support myself. i have had friends & they all seem to have disappeared as ive got older. they have there own lifes & we have drifted apart. my best friend died & i miss him dearly. if he was alive i know i wouldnt be so lonely & i would be happier.he was a true friend & we were so close. ive dated girls in my past, i feel deeply in love & had a relationship with my ex girlfriend for a year two years ago, we have been split up for 1year & it is defenitly over.she broke my heart as i felt she was the one. now im over her & want to find TRUE LOVE. I want to e happy again. ive come so far.i was so happy when i was with her. i had dreams & i felt a future.now i feel so alone, i have no one to turn to, my mum & dad have been stressed enough with me! i am scared but i have to have a life & future of my own. i like to please people & make them laugh , thats my idea of fun. i love caring for people& making them happy, that makes me happy.ive been in hospital once to get treated, had my share of counciling too. i cant have counciling now because id have to give up work which is the only thing that keeps me going.i have to much time of work with miagraines & depression & anxiety as it is.would kill parents if i cant pull myself out of this. im so alone & id done so well & became as near to normal when i was with my ex & now i feel im back to square one.