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Hi everyone. I need some advice. My sister is very depressed, has been for about 3 years. She currently takes 2 prozac a day and has been on numerous other meds but nothing seems to work for her. Her husband of 13 years is also very depressed and they are not a good combination. He smacked her around 2 times since Jan that I know of and now she is taking suicide! She told me yesterday that she is not strong enought to kill herself but that 3 days ago she bought a bottle of vodka to try to get the courage to do it but chickened out. Believe it or not, I think that makes her feel like more of a failure, that she can't do it.
There must be something I can do for her. I asked her but she says no. Do you guys have any ideas what I can do to help her. Our mental health system is terrible here so that really isnt' an option. Her husband was suicidal a few months ago and his father took him to our mental health dept and they sent him home "nothing we can do" they said. Please, anything you can offer in the way of advice would be appriciated. Thanks.

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