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You are right we need to stick together and help each other. I think this is the hardest time I have been through. Had a panic attack at 1:30am last night. Woke up and just out of the blue. I hate waking up feeling nervous in the mornings. Anyone else do that? Reading these boards has really helped me because you realize you are not crazy. I started HRT yesterday. Hope it helps plus been taking Zoloft for 2 1/2 weeks.
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It take the Zoloft 4-6 weeks to work. It took Prozac sometime to work for me. You might want to pick up the book Hope and Help For Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes. Also her second book, Peace From Nervous Suffering, by Dr. Claire Weekes. These books really help. Yes, you have perimenopause but this will not be enough for you. You need to accept that you have anxiety with it and once you face, accept, not concentrate on the sensitations your body is fooling you with from adrenaline then let time pass. Taking hormone supplementation may not be enough. Also, you might want to read the book called "The Pause". No, you're not crazy and you cannot go crazy with anxiety. IT seems so at times when the mind raises. But you are not going crazy. It's because you are a sensitive person and intelligent and creative that you have experienced anxiety with perimenopause. I would also suggest that you find a therapist to talk to. You will find this to be the most wonderful experience to be able to release. Even if it is just about perimenopause. My therapist and I talk all the time about perimenopause between other subjects. Give the Zoloft more time to work and then also begin to work on accepting your anxiety. Read up on it, as much as you can and accept. This is the beginning of healing from it. Let me know your stages and how you are feeling and we go from there. It's not been easy for me either and these boards are great. KC is going to jump in this too, she liked the idea that we help each other and the more who participate, the better. But what I would like to do, is not just vent about this, but for us to get out and work with ourselves both outside and inside without concentrating heavily on our ailments with peri but to search and share what helped us through that moment. If we have a panic attack, then we have one and share the experience. Then one of us who've been through it can give suggestions on how to accept the next one until there aren't anymore panic attacks with perimenopause and our hormones can relax a bit. I have had many awakening panic attacks. They are very scarey. I have awakened almost for 3 months of so with rage early in the morning or an adrenaline surge where I would be so nervous I just had to get up and pace. I'm not saying that you will never have a panic/anxiety attack like when it is close to your period or hormone changes, etc. Some can't be avoided, but you will learn that you are not crazy and how to deal with them if they were to sneak up on you suddenly. Panic attacks do that. I'm sure I'm not finished with them, but you must ride it through and not run from it or you create secondary fear. Then it becomes adrenaline fear adrenaline. You aren't going to hurt yourself, the adrenaline is only going to pump up so high before another safety kicks in and begin to counterattack it. Let's begin.

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I am perimenopausal and just now have figured out that has been my main problem causing the anxiety I am trying to deal with..... I started out (before my GYN doc) with a psychiatrist who MISDIAGNOSED me with bipolar disorder...started me on that roller coaster of drugs...almost blew my mind, literally. The meds and side effects each one caused me were worse than any symptoms I had when I first walked into his office. A good reputable psychiatrist gave me second opinion....come to find out I have anxiety disorder and didn't realize it could be my "female problems" causing all this, too.....I have uterine fibroids (I'm perimenopausal too) that cause hemorrhaging every month....that alone is enough to make one crazy. But I've not gone "through the change yet", still am ovulating at 51 and WHOA...what a wild ride I've been on for the last 11 months....all of those pharmaceutical antidepressants out there....be careful what you go and put in your mouth....they all just about did me in with worse symptoms than ever with the side effects, including suicidal ideations. (and I'm a happy, usually upbeat person). I never associated the perimenopause with anxiety, or I would have started out going to my GYN and monitoring my fibroids closer.
I go Tuesday to have the lining of my uterus removed and probably the larger of the fibroids on the uterus......lovely.....has anyone ever heard of this like....miraculously making your emotions improve...the fibroids being removed, that is......
Oh....also I miraculously found a website for natural antidepressant with no side effects and I ordered this....gotta check out this site like I did.....I have nothing to lose. I've tried all the others and they just totally blew my mind.....everything from Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, (suicidal thoughts with homicidal nightmares) to Zoloft, which caused me to sob after taking it 6 weeks. I found a site for NATURAL one.....[ removed ]......Just go in there and read it. It was amazing to me and I had to try it out...been three days now and I have not cried once!!!!


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Vixation: Thanks for this. I know about the drugs, I have PTSD from a major car accident and my brother's traumatic death. I know about these Psych's pushing the drugs. I don't like drugs either and they want me to take more, even my gyne who originally gave me the Prozac. I only take 10 mg. and I have Xanax when I need it but hardly ever take it. I just try to understand perimenopause which brought on major anxiety for me and go from there. But I do take what I need and it has helped me alot. You need to start small and increase when needed. Also, be careful with herbs, natural things too, they are also medicine and you can do too much here to which would give you the same side effects or different ones but it is a drug too. The only thing between chemical and herbs is that chemical derives from herb, but the pharmaceutical companies leave way too much out and herbs are grown from plants and earth, but they are medicinals too and can have the same effect as chemical drugs. Just less medical side effects. So please watch yourself here. I know, studied, have doctor friends who are herbalogist's and they even know this too.