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Quote from niecsey:
Hi me again terrifed :( l suspected along time but you know how it is..... oh l will be ok... just a rough time?? Who looked for advice when eye changes prompted? I feel like my left eye is staring oh gawd l cant believe this lm am desperate...... sob........ oh gawd why why why??? Why didnt the docs pick up with all the symptoms years ago? will meds help my eye(s) get back to normal? oh gawd l could breakdown :( lumo in my throat writing this l so scared....... please reply l promise after tommorow l will come back and share with you all...... thank you ..... heartbroken...... ive also developed a very very severe sweet tooth and feel faint if l dont have sugar.... lost 38lbs in less than a year!

Until my left eye started hurting pretty frequently, I believed the Drs and thought I was just going through stress. I haven't officially been diagnosed, all Drs want to do is prescribe me prozac!!! I WILL find the answer and I AM going to get better. I'm not going to let this ruin the rest of my life, I'm 22 and have SO much to live for!! You the same~!