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Up until February I was an incredibly active 22 year old female...going to the gym everyday for 5 years straight, losing almost 50 lbs in that time!!! In February I began having a laundry list of wierd symptoms develop in my body (anxiety, racing heartbeat, inability to swallow, chest pains, bowel trouble, muscle fatigue, noticeable lymph nodes on the left side of my neck, left arm loss of sensation, insomnia etc)...after a bunch of tests (3 EKG's, MRI, x-rays, CBC, thyroid test, rheumatism, muscle wasting, lupus etc), I was told that it was anxiety. After months of arguing with many Drs I have been left to deal with my "stress and anxiety" with prozac, which I REFUSE to take. I found a trust worthy chiropractor who doubles as a certified nutritionist. Based on my symptoms, and a simple nutrional analysis which I filled out, she suspects I have low blood sugar, and also feared my birth control (also been on for 5 years), could be causing a stressed thryoid gland. I called my gyno, he said that birth control does not do anything to my thyroid and all of my symptoms are anxiety....he even went as far as to say that I "better be careful or I'll be seeing you with your pregnancy". After some research, I decided to stop taking my birth control pills..I'll do ANYTHING to get over this "thing." I am curious to know has anyone else had similar problems with birth control?! Am I being ridiculous by stopping the pill?
I certainly would not risk a pregnancy especially while having the symptoms you are describing.

Iodine is what thyroid hormone is made of. If you change your diet at all, then just make sure that you cut out high iodine foods (iodized salt, seafood, kelp (as in sushi) and multivitamins with iodine).

Your story is rather typical of thyroid patients. I wish I had a nickel for every time a doctor handed me a prescription for Zoloft or Prozac!! I had symptoms for years before being diagnosed. Usually it takes something drastic like bulging eyes, a huge honking goiter or very abnormal thyroid lab tests for any doctor to even consider thyroid issues.

Don't give up...keep plugging away until a MD listens to you. It could be that your thyroid levels are changing and it just takes a few months for them to get abnormal enough for them to treat you.

Good luck!