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Wow, the lexapro withdrawal. I tried to reduce my dosage from 20 to 10 then to 5, well then decided to stop cold turkey. I thought this stuff isn't working any longer and I don't need it. Well stopped, day 4 after stopping had dizzy spells, which subsided after a few more day, then........I ached from head to toe like I had the flu! I was a mess. It hurt to get up and walk across the room.....I was like this for two weeks, then my doctor gave me Prozac (low dosage) well I took it for a week, nothing.........still achy hurting, just miserable, so like so many others I got my lexapro refilled (at the 20) and started taking it, a week or so later and I feel better, no aches, pains, crying spells, It is so hard to come off the stuff. I don't feel I need it anymore, but I can't stop it, cause it just made my life too miserable. The doctors don't mention this when they prescribe. So now, I am going to take it til I don't have so much going on and think I can take the achy depressed horrible state i was in. I feel for everyone out there trying to come off the stuff. Good luck! thanks for listening. :) :) :) :)