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Am writing this as a very frustrated and worried person, coming to the end of my rope. I'm due to move abroad at the end of this month and feel so low. It started last year with a sudden, very low heart rate (48bpm). Since then my pulse races whenever I stand, do activity, take a bath, eat a large meal etc. It's like my heart's overeactive. I also get chest, throat and jaw pressure, shortness of breath (even when sat in a chair) and my face seems to be flushed a lot (Having said that I have always been rosey cheeked ever since I was a child). My vision is blurred and I also have vision disturbances. After numerous trips to A&E and cardio depts and after 4 ECG's, Echo-cardiogram, stress ECG, 24 hr ECG, chest X-ray and blood tests (not to mention a consultation with a top cardio man) the doc's reckon there's nothing wrong with my heart and that it's just anxiety. Trouble is, like so many people on this board I can't believe that that's all it is. I don't feel anxious and my symptoms are constant. I seriously feel like I'm going to crack up. Would take some anti anxiety meds but they just seem to work like prozac and my 'mood' isn't the problem - I don't feel anxious, just really bad symptoms which are getting me down (if it is anxiety it must be subconcious). Not sure what anyone can say to help, just needed to get this off my chest -writing on this board can be very cathartic.
How can anxiety make us feel so ill?
All the best. :confused: