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Greetings, Ian!
I love smilies, too ;) , so I use them very liberally throughout all of my posts. They really help me to convey my emotions, and brighten up the posts :) .

Just a brief introduction: My name is Colleen. I am 25 years old, and I have suffered with bouts of depression since I was about 14 years old. I am currently taking 40mgs of Prozac daily, and I have benefitted from counseling. Right now in my life, I think that I am on the right track. I have a job with the U.S. Postal Service; I have a terrific boyfriend (who also suffers with bouts of depression); and I am thinking about returning to college to get a Masters in Social Work/Counseling/etc. as I absolutely love this field of study, and I would like to help others who are experiencing setbacks due to varying degrees of mental illness.

I'm sorry to read that you are having so many difficulties. I know what it's like to be shy, as I have a strong tendency towards this, myself. If you need anyone to talk with about your feelings, please don't hesitate to talk with me (or anyone on this board), as I would love to help you :) .

It's nice to meet you, Ian :wave: . Please post again very soon.