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hi there, i'm just starting on prozac tomorrow...
i have a couple questions...
is getting drunk okay? i don't mean, like, all the time... but i'm going camping later in the summer so i was just curious...
also, regarding lowered sex drive/libido... i'm not sure i understand... does it only mean that you no longer want to have sex? i mean, say you didn't want to have sex but did anyways... is it still enjoyable once you're doing it but the desire to it isn't there?

thanks for your help

and i know that there are lots of bad things said about prozac... but it's the first med that i am trying, i know that it ma or may not work...

pamela, if you're reading this, i plan to post to update you on what's new ! obviously, i'm starting meds, that's one new thing! i'll talk to you soon, thanks for all your help!
I was on Prozac for a while several years ago...I gained a lot of weight on it & it not only killed me sex drive, but, on the rare occassion my then boyfriend could get me in the mood, orgasms were impossible...it was very frustrating...so I pretty much gave up on sex. The side effects were enough for me to consider it counterproductive to alleviating depression but desperation kept me searching.

I tried several other anti-depressants after that, all with their own unique side effects ranging from lethargy to headaches. Finally I got stabilized on a combination of a low dose of Prozac along with Effexor. My relationship fell apart so the sex issue fell to the back burner anyway.

I am completely off all anti-depressants now & have been for about 6 years. All in all, anti-depressants helped me build a bridge to self-sufficiency & helped me to climb out of a pit of despair I'd fallen into & got stuck in. But, with the help of a great therapist, I put my life back together bit by bit, built a support system, found work well suited to me, got physically active & got in healthy shape & when I met someone & we fell in love, I decided to ween myself off of the anti-depressants so I could enjoy a healthy sex life again...I've never looked back.

I think anti-depressants have their place but doctors had told me that I would be like a diabetic who needs insulin & that I'd have to stay on them forever...I'm not even convinced that's true about diabetics. All I'm saying is, for me, Prozac served a purpose. I suffered debilitating depression before going on anti-depressants, & stabilizing on them brought me to a place where I was able to make necessary changes & improve my life - that's gold!...once there, I didn't need them anymore, so they were a help but not the definitive answer.

I hope this helps.