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I ran the gamaut from the new ones to the old ones. Nothing worked without some kind of terrible side effects for me. Some made me sleep 24/7 some wired me 24/7. some made me want to commit homicide, some suicide, but none of them relieved my depression except Prozac and then I was affect, no emotions at all. Zilch. No way to live.

So, I turned my life around. I took myself out of stressful situations. I know, impossible for most but I was at a point in my life where it worked for me. I took up exercising, sunshine, long walks, reading, and tried to walk on the sunny side of the street of life.

Meantime, lots of stressful times have come up in my life. I have had suicidal and homocidal thoughts. But, not while on meds and I think that we all have some of those thoughts at some time. The good part is that I have learned to recognize them and not act on them.

For some people depression really is a chemical inbalance. They need SSRIs. But they are not a long term fix and they have not been around long enough to truely know the long term effects on the mind and body.

When I am feeling really depressed I know that I can run or take a brisk walk and my endorphins kick in. Natural high.

I had to look at, this is life, this is all that there is, no one can live it for you, depression can be handled with drugs or not. I am not of the philosophy of "be a man, pull yourself up by the boot straps and go on" as depression really is a physical illness, but I am of the philosophy that meds aren't forever. You have to decide on quality or quantity of life.

You sound like you have made a real effort to try to find a med that will work for you. They may have to make up a soup for you. I went through it and then gave it all up. I am learning to live with depression. Not the best option, but I chose to not be emotionless or have the bad side effects.

Remember, only you can choose.

One of my daughters took an anti-depressant to help her for two months. It worked, she got off, and she went on down the road. Good for her. She realized that she had an Eyore personality and is learning to live with it.