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Good morning. I am fairly new here. I jsut found this site last week and it has helped me so much. I had taken Lexapro for 7 months 10 mg a day. after some really awful side effects: night mares, no sex drive, leg pain, high blood pressure, really heavy periods, teeth grinding. i talked to my np and she was going to up my dosage on my next visit in august. the only thing that me or my family noticed that this drug did for me was make me less fussy about things that people did and it didnt help with the panic attacks that i had every once in awhile. i am perimenapausal. well after researching lexapro....which i guess i should have done before ever taking it....lol..i found that this drug (which supposedly has no side effects or withdrawal symptoms) is totally evil. i cut my dose from 10 mg to 5mg and after awhile thaught the heck with it and i went off of it cold turkey. for me personally this was my best choice. days 1-3 were fairly normal. then the leg and brain zapps that i had as side effects got worse, i slept nearly all of the time and my husband and kids would wake me up to eat and then i started running a 99.9 fever for a week. i use meditation, yoga and jeet kune doo for the panic attacks and depression and they are working wonders. i take a multi vitamin, fish oil and eat healthier. i am in week 3 of withdrawals ...some days are better than others. but i am so thankful to be getting this out of my system. years ago i was on prozac, then paxil because of a family tragedy. i never had a withdrawal symptom with hose but maybe because i wasnt on them for more than 3 months.
i just wanted to say thank you . because after i started reading all of the posts here i realized that i wasnt alone in my fight to get better.