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He started drinking and smoking pot at about 16, give or take a year. He's not a big drinker, more of a pot smoker. I do know about 5 years ago he had a panic attack so bad that he thought he was dying and called an ambulence, they told him it was a reaction to the pot. He has alot of stressers but mostly self created, he was doing well at the begining of this year, working, and of course as usual when he starts to do good he stops going...his boss was putting him in a supervisory role, giving him more trust and responsibility and then all of a sudden he had all these health problems and was dying...no doctor could find anything wrong with him...he did end up getting a virus that made fluid collect around his heart, but he was only sick for about a week and was fine. It all went downhill then, he stoped working, stoped looking for work, started staying inside all of the time...my mother said that she couldn't get him to leave. He was also threatening my mothers bf (who lives with my mother). There is a family history of mental illness to an extent, there is a few who i would consider alcoholics, my mother is a pot smoker also. My aunt (mothers sister) is on prozac (not quite sure for what exactly) and my mother has been on antidepressants for years (the few years she was off them was unbearable). I think maybe it is mor along the lines of depression which has progressed this far. His marriage broke up about 1 1/2 years ago (his wife was a cutter who also experiences sever depression, finially he just couldn't help her anymore and they split up), he was heartbroken because he really thought she was the one.
i guess we will find out soon enough what exactly is going on, thanks for your help and insight.