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I began eating a half cup of flaxmeal[ground flax seeds] with my oatmeal on June 23, 2004. Ten days later I felt so much better i stopped Lexapro. I was taking it for both depression and anxiety. So far so good. I do a lot of exercise. Before the flax i would ride my bike for 45 minutes at a time. After the flax i went up to at least an hour. 45 minutes became too easy. Today i rode the bike for one hour and twenty five minutes. I feel so much better mentally and physically since the flax. It has helped me tremendously with my allergies and asthma. I live with three cats. I wouldn't live with cats except I'm married to a woman who absolutely loves cats. I've been on Flonase and Flovent ever since I started living with her. I stopped taking Flovent on June 25. I stopped Flonase about the same time. Now, I use a rescue inhaler when necessary, albuterol, I've used it three times since June 25. I use Flonase only when I get a sneezing attack. This happens about every six days. Flonase it not designed for you to wait until you have an allergy attack. That's how I use it and it's working for me. This not only makes me feel better in the since I'm using less meds but saves me money, too. flonase is not cheap. thirty days is not enough time to say the changes are permanent, but i'm very optimistic. i read a lot of good things about flax and so far they are proving true for me. I boil two cups of water, add one cup of rolled oats and a half cup of flaxmeal. I cook it on medium heat for ten minutes approx. I ate it for about three weeks raw, starting with 1 tbsp and increasing it by 1 tbsp a day until I got to 1/4 cup,. At first I was measuring it after I ground it and then I was told to measure the whole seed and grind it. That's when I started using a 1/4 cup whole seeds which makes approx. 1/2 cup ground. Flax seed is cheap. Plus it is just good nutrition. I'll eat it for the rest of my life. I had used many other antidepressants in the past. At one time I was on 60mg Prozac. The 10mg of Lexapro worked better for me, but I'd rather not use either. Good luck