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[QUOTE]I only saw one endo who would keep me waiting for weeks in between testing and results, etc. only to tell me that there is no way my very mild case of hashi's would be causing me all the symptoms I was describing and making me feel as bad as I was.
Oh my gosh, that statement brings me back to an idiot doctor I had who said the same thing! At that time, one of my worst symptoms was depression. I drove myself to the ER and told the doctor there that I was afraid I was either going nuts or I was going to kill myself. My idiot doc already had me on Prozac for severe PMS cramping (it worked GREAT for that) and Xanax for anxiety and depression. Prozac and Xanax did NOTHING for the depression. Only after getting on the proper thyroid hormone did my depression lift.
Keep searching for answers. Don't be afraid to question your doc. And don't give up. You deserve to feel well.