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Quote from jessica129:
I recently suffered a very traumatic event in april of this year. I've went through the nightmares, depression, flashbacks, etc and they seem to be easing up, however, right now I'm suffering some of the worst anxiety I've ever had. I've always been an anxious person but never this bad. I seem to worry about EVERYTHING and I get super stressed out over the littlest things. I've been extremely dizzy lately because I hyperventilate so much. I'm taking xanax now but I don't want to be on it for awhile. I just want to know if this anxiety is due to what happened and if it'll pass soon. It seems as if all my worries are centered around what happened...

Take the antidepressant if you can do it. I take Prozac, 10 mg. they want me to take more but I refuse to at this time. It will help with the anxiety. What kind of anxiety are you having? I'm dizzy in the morning, go through trembling, had panic attacks after panic attacks after my brother died traumatically, but I also had this undetected (PTSD) after a major car accident in 3/02. Let me know what you're feeling and we'll compare and I'll help you what helped me and vice versa.