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I was involved in a serious ATV accident on Mother's Day this year. I suffered a head injury, severe lacerations, facial fractures and major blood loss. At first I didn't feel any real emotions about the accident, and then a week later it all hit me like a ton of bricks. My memory came back in bits, and as they did I began to have panic attacks. I now suffer from frequent flashbacks, depression over my long term injuries, anxiety, and I've gotten pretty short fused over the past several weeks. The doc put me back on Paxil (I took that several years ago when my youngest son was gravely ill) but I have not seen any improvement. He did not suggest any type of counseling, he just went straight to the drugs. What direction should I go with this? Is PSTD counseling generally covered by insurance?

I know exactly how you are feeling. Although I did not feel my PTSD right away, apparently it was going on but I was going to Physical Therapy for a whole year, depersonalizing and had no idea that was PTSD. I would freak out in the car when driving and when my brother passed away in February of this year, I went back into trauma. I know how you are feeling with the Panic Attacks, flashbacks, short fused, etc. Are you getting the trembling nervousness also? I take Prozac, only 10mg., they want me to take more but I just dont' want to. I'm also in therapy and have been since the end of March and it has helped alot with the panic attacks, etc. but still afraid to drive far. Let me know how you're doing.