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Hey Mudhound thanks for reply.

My wife has said many times when she gets mad that she will leave. What kind of talk is that from a mother of 6-12-17 year old kids. How does she even think of leaving with them here? I have moved everything from her control(money matters, although it was never a matter and alerted my attorney.) I feel like the only time she is happy is when she goes out with friends ( one is on prozac) or by herself. She says that life in the house is to caotic. What do you expect with 2 girls and little boy. Kids are going to be problems. She has confessed to me that sometimes she thinks of driving the vehicle into a tree to kill herself. With all thats going on how do I work and trust her when she is with the kids. Now that I think back I have seen this for many years I just didn't know it. She has always been one with me looking to fight, ether verbly or physically with me. I HAVE NEVER HIT HER...
But she cannot say the same.

Where does it go from here.

I'll be back later.