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I don't really think of myself using a ton of medications, but just looking at my cabinet...Prozac, Concerta, Viagra...

Prozac and Viagra I take pretty regularly, I just started Concerta.

Am I going to screw myself up? Am I killing myself with all of this?

...Low dosages really, 18mg on Concerta, 20mg on Prozac, and 100mg on Viagra...Cut into 4's mostly.

I want to just stop taking all of this (and it helps me live my life) but I feel like I'd spin into oblivion.
It really doesn't sound like you are bad off. They all sound necessary to take and you shouldn't just stop taking them without a drs approval and to help tapper you off. Especially the Prozac. I was taking 8 meds at one time I am now down to 3. Effexor, ablify, xanax. I couldn't survive without my 3. I tried to go off and it wasn't a pretty picture. Luckily I did it with my drs help and guidance and he was there to also pick up the pieces when I fell apart without them. Please be careful.