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Bonto: We are having communication problem. Re-read my prev. post slower. There is
`NO' 1 `stealth virus'. It's a category like HPV. The flu vaccine falied some folks be-
cause it was not able to identify all flu viruses. Symptoms R what lead Dr. to diag. an
illness. EBV, Mono, strep infections, CFS, Fibromyalgia + many other myalgias are a
stealth virus. It's silent, undetected, it means the Dr. may have said U have it cause
symptoms put U there & he has no idea what U have. CMV can be positive in a person
w/ strep throat or cancer. If U have HIV, U may not have Aids. If test is CMV pos. w/
HIV, U get more syptoms & feel much worse than others. Hepatitis will have pos. for
CMV. Now there are markers for Hepatitis (a stealth virus) Dr. has to specifically test
to see if U have A, B, C, type then treat. I had multiple skull tumors not found on MRI
getting bigger & melting bone. Bloodwk normal except for inflammation & pos. Hi-ANA.
1 tumor leaked & swelled head w/ massive pain. Hospital said I had a migraine attack!
Next day I went to Doc & said I was dying. It wasn't fear, anxiety, frustration. He
ordered another MRI & infection `was' present w/ dark cyst-shadows. 2 referrals said I
needed anti-depressants & asprin. Finally, my MD asked a surgeon to do him a favor &
an out-patient tissue biopsy w/ a pathologist in O.R. room. He couldn't identify cells. It
took 2 weeks & 10 pathologists to identify this rare form of cancer. My interior skull
was altered over 4 surgeries. The Stealth theory came from my severe illness w/ no
specifics that constantly changed. Cancer of unknown origin can be stealth. Tumors &
infections R gone. Micro cells still remain & may/or not activate. I miss my doc that
cared, now retired. He saved my life on a hunch. My every 6mo. surgeon ck-up is for
rest of my life & he hates me! His associates records surfaced as 1 MD consult frm yrs
ago that wrote: Patient thinks they're ill & I precribed Prozac & sent elsewhere. Get
all records. Sometimes these dictatations will accidently get sent to U. This bad MD
owns surgeon that saved me. I've never disclosed this letter or I'd be dismissed again.
Try [ .org website removed - was a front for a supplement company ] & perhaps it will tell U more on Stealth. We have to fight to be heard & most docs won't listen. Google & keep reading what is being missed on files. I
hope I've helped. Sorry for the length. Age, lifestyle, meds, R like a puzzle. My reg. MD
doesn't know what I had even after I've given path. reports. I have multiple spinal
cysts now & believe it's frm fluid prssr expanding over yrs. of BP/stress. My aches/pain
is now blamed on that. New doc says I need anti-depressants. I need to be heard.