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I know exactly how you feel. For about the last 3 months I've been living every waking moment thinking I'm about to have an anuerysm. I go to work and there's times when I wonder if I'll make it home to see my son. I'm 28 I've been having these for about 15 yrs. About six years during that time I did great when I was on the prozac and it just stopped working. I had put them behind me and went 6 yrs with no worries. I tried other medicines and now I'm back on prozac with zyprexa also and ativan for quick fixes. But I'm still walking around miserable. I've gotten myself where I can hardly go anywhere by myself or stay home by myself. I always have to have someone with me and I'm still thinking about it. I'm scared I want be able to get back like I was just a couple years ago. Caught myself rambling my bad. Just wanted you to know I know how you feel.