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wendybx3...Hello and welcome to the board!

Something I learned the hard way...Zoloft can sometimes just stop working for people. I took 100mg/day for a couple of years due to what my doctor called "situational depression". On 2 different occasions the med began losing it's effectiveness and the black cloud of depression came back. During this time my doctor had me take another AD but nothing ever worked like Zoloft...and Prozac was absolutely horrible for me. After giving my body a break from it for a few weeks he had me restart the Zoloft and all was well again. He did tell me that sometimes the Zoloft will just stop working and the patient has to take a break from it.

That said, I can't help but wonder too about the possibility of your depression being linked to your thyroid disease...especially considering the timing of your beginning on Zoloft and your surgery, etc. Looking back, do you feel there might be a connection to the timing of everything?

This article might be of interest to you and others here. Just copy and past the URL below into your browser address bar and scan down to the section entitled "Effects of TH Imbalance: Hypothyroidism". It discusses the thyroid-depression connection. After having your levels checked to verify a deficiency, the addition of T3 very well may help what you're experiencing.

I wish you the best and keep us posted! :)