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I suffer from PMS. I get it all. I'm emotional to say the least. I could cry at the drop of a hat. I could blow my top at the drop of a hat. Laugh one minute, cry the next. I clot like crazy and bloat and oh God, the pain!
It's better when my thyroid is in check but it's getting worse lately with all the other hypo stuff. I think I need an increase in meds.
I'll tell you one thing that stopped the pain. Before I was dx'd hypo, my doc dx'd me with PMS. He told me that he was going to rx something for me to try. He said women had reported this medication helped with cramping. I tried it. It completely took away the cramps. For the first time in my life, I had no cramps! It was Prozac. I had to take it every day, not just when I had my period. Of course, it did nothing for the state of depression I was in at the time due to my undx'd hypothyroidism. But it took away the cramps. I would still be on it if I had insurance.