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[QUOTE]If you're not on meds I don't know what it could be ... I hope it's not schizophrenia and from what you said it doesn't sound like schizophrenia, but you should talk to someone about what's going on. Do you have a doctor that you can trust? You should tell your doctor what's going on, about your forgetting things. Can you find a therapist? It might be good for you if you had a therapist that you could talk to; it sounds like you have some scarry stuff to deal with.

I am on prozac but these things started before i was on them so i dont think it would be them.

[QUOTE]There are many different things that might be it(epilepsy, multiple personality disorder, depression, etc). I would start with your gp and get a good physical and let your dr know what you are going through. Then ask to see a neurologist and a phyciatarist and explore it from both ends. It doesn't sound like schizophrenia.

I do have deppresion and have all things like social workers, physciatrists. and family workers. I am too scared to tell them thought, i get scared that they will think i am lieing, i can't tell my mum either coz she is not the nicest mum really.

Thank you for you're help anyway, i know now it is not that likely to be schizophrenia as you have all said so.

thank you.