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I dont know really what i want to achieve from this thread, maybe some comfort.

for the last year or so ive had very bad eye contact with the same gender, i used panic everytime they would talk to me, and its embarrasing and really heightened my paranoia that everyone dislikes me. that caused my depression which prozac is doing some good for but i really feel like i should be taking more or doubling my dose

im so anxious just even sitting here, sometimes i consider im anxious 24/7 even when i sleep, its like a permenant thing i cant shake!
ive taken beta blockers but they leave me extremely tired and left me feeling worse

ive had counselling but my counsellor has left appointments inbetween for months and i feel like i have absolutely no one to talk too since nobody knows about it except one relative but shes sick of hearing it over and over

im dying to see a therapist or a specialist who can give me some direction because im sick of being unhappy/frustrated wanting to be something that can be achieved through some serious therapy.

just wish i could make anxiety go away and stop giving me attacks in most social situations!!

is everyone else with suspected social anxiety or diagnosed feel like when cars drive past the driver is looking at you and sees the anxiety within you?? or when you are in a big crowd everyones trying to get away from you..
and people you dont really know that well hate you??

I hate this! Im dying to make more friends but i just cant no matter what

wish someone can help me :/ im fed up