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Jamie, these drugs are metabolized by specific liver enzymes and different people have genetically different abilities for processing these chemicals. It certainly sounds like you're an "ultra extensive" metabolizer, which may be the reason these drugs have such minimal effect on you. The poor metabolizers are at the other end of the scale and suffer through all the side effects.

This is not new information and is actually well documented in many medical journals. It is unfortunate that these DNA tests are not more widely used and it would be of enormous help to both doctors and patients, prior to deciding upon drug treatment. If you're interested, the Prozac Truth website has good info on this.

Has everyone taken a look at the opinions of "unbiased" experts (not connected to drug companies) ... such as Peter Breggin, Ann Blake Tracy, David Healy, etc? It's very important to look at these opinions and then make up your own mind.

Isolated One ... I hear ya, I'm with ya ... we try to help but ... don't you just feel like tearing out your hair sometimes? Sigh! :angel: