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I began taking Prozac about two years ago. My sister recommended a shrink who prescribes drugs pretty easily. A fifteen minute "session" with him, where he asks a few questions to keep a record of how you're supposedly doing, then renews your prescription costs $100. Of course, I get mad at that (duh -that's what we do, right?)

I also tried a few other varieties of "anti-depressants" via him. They were basically the same.

For me, these drugs did one thing: They seemed to put a little delay in between the trigger of some episode of anger, and the actual venting of the anger. So I had just a little bit more time in which to calm down, and think before I leapt off the edge. I think that did help me a lot for the past two years, just in everyday coping. It kept me from quitting a very good job many times. But I finally still went over the edge and quit the job (two months ago).

Now, after doing a lot of reading about anger, men, etc, etc, I'm really working on getting rid of baggage, finding the causes for my anger, and (hopefully) will result in a more complete "cure" for my anger. Still not sure yet, but it feels very good at this point.

My point (finally) is this: I believe that Prozac (I don't know about those drugs mentioned by you both) can HELP to slow down that period of time like I said above. But if you completely rely on it to get you through life, it's just not going to work. Absolutely not. What we've got to do is use the drugs as a temporary crutch if necessary, but make sure we are committed to discovering our secrets and learning how to cope with them (like I really know what I'm talking about). Well, I think it's going to work for me anyway. If it doesn't work for me, I'll just be back into the cycle I've had all my life (I'm 51) of covering everything up.

You wanna take pills for the rest of your life just to dull your senses so you can make it through each day without blowing up? Not me ( ok, I'm still taking two a day, but at least that's down from the 3 a day I WAS taking)
i went on lexapro after battling with the similar problems. I tried wellebutrin , celexa, prozac, and another that i can't remember. lexapro was really helful and had hardly any side effects. it also took only a week to get into my system whereas the others were supposed to take a few weeks before i was supposed to see results