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My fear is someone breaking into my house. I think about it every single night. I always sleep with the cell near my bed, and always go over my excape plan in my head. I recently started Prozac for depression, and I have noticed that I don't worry as intensely anymore. I used to be very frightened if my husband wasn't home with me at night and I'd always carry the cell and a big knife around the house with me. Since I started the prozac I can relax more when he's not home at night. I know my fear is not completely irrational, but I now realize that someone breaking in is unlikely, and I don't have to obsess about it. Anyway, I'd talk to your DR about it. Medication or counseling could help.
I expece everyone needs to be a bit afraid in order to stay alive, if the fears are inapropriate or excessive then this is a problem

an antidepressant such as prozac often calms people and helps with excessive irrational fears

more exercise also calms people, so does house cleaning, an old fashioned remedy which is still surprisingly helpful, I always feel more relaxed after I clean my house :jester: