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I used to worry all the time. About everything and anything. It got to the point that I would cry over really stupid stuff. For example, my husband would get home and ask why I didn't take the trash out and I would start crying. I was on my way to the drs office for the first time, couldn't find it and was driving around bawling! I would make things up to worry about and had so much trouble sleeping. I started taking Zoloft and boy has it made a huge difference in my life. I no longer stress about stuff that is out of my control, I don't cry and the drop of a hat, and I sleep so much better. Well, I have some other health problems now (bulging discs) so I am not sleeping well b/c of that now. But, let me tell ya, the zoloft has worked wonders for me. I do have one side effect, low labido. But, I work through that. My dosage is fairly low, only 50mg every night. I understand about thinking stuff is wrong. I am a nursing major, so anytime something isn't right with my body, I immediately start thinking the worst. I am only 26, but am aware that disease,cancer and other stuff is not age blind. I used to possibly border line hypochondriac, but not so much these days. I did have a lot of visits to my doc though a few months ago, everything seemed wrong. Most of the time there was a reason, just not the bad reason I had floating in my head. If the celexa isn't working as great for you, try a different med. Aside from Zoloft, Prozac is good too. Good luck and I hope you can get this under control, it IS possible!