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the xanax will help you a lot if you take a large enough dose of it, it acts quickly so carry a few tablets with you, a dose only lasts a few hours, IMO you should get back toi work, relying on the xanax

lexapro is a prozac type med and these often do eventually help a lot but early side effects can make your anxiety and panic attacks worse at first, take it with xanax, they go well together, start the lexapro at 5 for the first 2 weeks

you really do need to get some books or tapes on recovery from agoraphobia and panic disorder and to follow the advice in them

vertigo and dizzyness often comes with anxiety
You should stick with the lexapro for a couple months to see if it works. The opening side effects will pass. 10 mg is really a small dose I take 40 mg for my panic attacks. I've only been on it for about 3 weeks now and it hasn't really helped much yet but I think I'm becoming immune to ssri cause I was on prozac for 9 yrs and it quite working. Every since then we've tried them all and can't get back right. I'm probably gonna try the moa inhibitors next. They have great success with panic attacks and phobias just have to watch what you eat.