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guys, this is kind of a tough question for me to ask, so go easy on me ok? :)

i know that my depression is related to my thyroid being out of whack. i know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. but i also know that realistically, it is going to be some time before my dosage is optimized and my thyroid levels are to the point where i will feel like myself again and the depression will abate.

it's pretty bad right now. i took a depression-self assessment last night and it came back that i was severly depressed. that's not really a surprise to me at all.

antidepressants scare the heck out of me, but i think that i may need something to get me through this time. i'm so tired of not caring about anything, of having no motivation at all, of doing nothing.

what is the general thought on taking antidepressants during thyroid treatment? is it going to hurt me? does anyone have any experience with lexapro or know anything about it? my friend that reccomended it said it works differently than like prozac, etc.

thanks in advance for your help.