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Dear Carrie,

With me I was feeling awful at my first pregnancy and when this one began I felt the same way. At the time I was quitting Xanax but I still took Prozac. I stopped taking Prozac completely a while ago. What happens with me is that I feel dizzy all the time because of the pregnancy. I am glad I went through therapy when I just got pregnant. If you read my previous posts you know that I am just fine now!! I haven't had a panic attack for a very long time. I am positive that I will never have another one in my whole life, because my therapist says I am cured.

I am very scared at the moment because I have had a c-section before. I am more scared about the pain afterwards. All I can think is that everything will be fine and that gives me carriage. Yes I know what I am having, a second boy!!

Try not to worry right now about feeling worse after the birth. I still think that therapy will help you, especially to prepare you when the time comes. I hope you have an easy pregnancy and thank you for your nice words. I will try and let you know how it went after the birth.

Madj :)