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Hi. Sorry so long!! :rolleyes:

I have been exhausted for 3 years now. Showering is too strenuous so I take baths. A good day is a day that I could motivate even that feat. I want to work but I am so scared that it will be too much. I used to be a high paid professional consultant.

I was diagnosed with mononucleosis 3 years ago - but I have never fully recovered. Each time I go to my doctor my white count is a little higher. Last visit 2 weeks ago, it was at 15,000. My SED rate is slightly elevated as well. I suffer from chronic TMJ . My ears always feel like they are full of liquid and pressure - but I don't know if the ear pressure is inflaming the jaw or the jaw inflamation is putting pressure on the ears. ENT appt. in 2 weeks to work on that issue.

But the lethargy is incapacitating. I feel numb anymore. I went sky diving to see if I could snap myself out of this fatigue but I landed safely to the ground and gave an unemotional response of, "that was surreal." It was.. I mean, I felt like I was having some outer body experience. No fear, no adrenaline... no nothing. I was so disappointed. My dad's theory wasn't working.

Now.. here are my questions. I have 2 rather distinctive lumps on the side (near the back) of my neck. One feels like the size and shape of a lima bean and it is hard as a rock and fixed in position. Right in front and below it is another lump that feels more the size of half a robin's egg and it too is hard and fixed. They protrude slightly but hard to see as my hair line grows way down the back of my neck on the sides. Are these inflamed muscles or a thyroid? My husband feels them too only on that side. I have looked over and over at the lymphatic systems diagrams and don't really see anything in that area that could be a lymph node and it appears the thyroid is a little further forward. I don't want to cry wolf to my doctor as I am feeling like a hypochondriac as it is. She seems to almost be rolling her eyes at me lately.

Right before the mono I went to my psychiatrist because I thought my Prozac (40mg) was not working any longer. All the "physical" symptoms of depression had reappeared. I found out a week later that it was mono but none too late as my shrink has changed my meds over to Effexor. Now, I wasn't eating a whole lot during the mono. In fact, I was never really awake enough to eat but still managed to put on 37 lbs. in less than 6 weeks.

I "assumed" <---naughty word, that the meds put the weight on me so went back to shrink and switched to celexa/now lexapro. My weight has NOT BUDGED since that whole thing. I could starve for 2 weeks and not lose an ounce. I don't eat that much and still manage to gain a few lbs every 6 months. Again, using that naughty word... I was "assuming" it was my sedentary lifestyle since this debilitating fatigue.

I have had lots of thyroid function tests prior to the mono that came out "fine" according to my doctors but I haven't had one since the mono.

I have fairly drenching night sweats at least 3 times a week
I have extreme facial hair/neck hair/body hair "Queen of Tweeze" as I call myself
Negative for TB
Negative for diabetes
No sore throats
Negative for ear infections
LOTS of sinus pressure but no runny nose or even plugged nose
I have those lumps in my left side of neck
I have leg tremors upon exertion
I have traveling muscle/joint pain almost daily
Episodes of blurred vision - like a glaze over my eyes (no drainage)
Chronic TMJ/Fullness/Tinnitus & Numbness along jawline
My WBC is 15,000 (Increases slightly with each Dr. visit)
My SED rate is 25
IVP shows no sign of kidney problems but protein in urine
I am a 37 year old female, overweight but not obese
Currently Take Lexapro 20 mg for depression (hereditary chemical imbalance)

Extreme fatigue for 3 years since mono with short intermittent cycles of feeling "almost" back to myself but never completely and then I must overdo it because I fall back into the fatigue again.

Does this sound common of thyroid problem? I posted in Chronic Fatigue and a reply suggested I post here for your thoughts. I hope you can help.

Thanks so much and blessed journeys!