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Midwest, what's MOST scary is the MUCH BIGGER picture of how these "FOR PROFIT" pharmacutical drug companies are selling us down the river! :eek:

How pharmacutical companies just recycle "old" medicine in "new" ways to market them. Like for example. Prozac is now being renamed and has NEW colors (pink and purple) to treat those of us woman with "PMDD" symptoms (severe PMS) ~ only all it is is prozac in disguse.

It's as though it's EASIER to rename and market a current drug and apply the condition to the drug, instead of research for the ROOT of the problem or come up with NEW medication.

Mind you, not ONLY do they RENAME these drugs, but at a higher cost to you and I! GOT TO PAY FOR ALL THAT MARKETING YOU KNOW! :rolleyes:

Have you ever paid attention, while watching TV just how OFTEN we are being advertised in one fashion or the other about medication...either over the counter stuff OR prescription. LOOK in magazines. WE are just being bombarded by this! Watch the evening news tonight, and take a count! I think you'll be SHOCKED!

LOOK when you go see your Dr., Kleenex boxes, pens, etc. ALOT of it is being blantently "promoted" and it's coming at a cost to US. Both finiancially, but MOSTLY our HEALTH!!!!!! Have you been to your Dr. and have to wait in the waiting room with a drug salesman? I have.

Please read this book. IF you thought you were CYNICAL BEFORE!.... :eek: LOOK OUT!