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Thank you for all of the replies everyone. I have been feeling better lately--I think my body is adjusting to the antibiotics. I only have one day left of the Flagyl, and then I will continue only on the Biaxin. I will look into all of these supplements that you guys have suggested--and I will make sure I get the re-frigerated probiotics.

To ncgirl88---I am glad to hear that you are getting treatment now. I haven't been to this board in a couple of months, but had been follwing your dillemma when it first started out, as we had both had many of the same symptoms and gotten sick around the same time. I'm glad you found a good doctor---I've found a good doctor as well (and no, this doctor didn't tell me I was crazy and needed Prozac!). I wish you luck and hope that you get completely cured.

Thanks again for all the replies.