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I have had depression since I was 21yrs old, I am now 28. After I had my son my C.section I had lots of problems with my stomach and they eventually after weeks of terrible pain diagnosed gallstones, I got operated on 6 months later and they got removed. While I was in hospital a dear friend of mines was murdered and then raped I know sick *******. I then developed a fear of going out at night.
Then the following year my mother had a brain aneurysm and survived although it was touch and go and now one of the after effects is she is so impatient, so not the most affectionate person to turn to anymore. Then in the years that followed I have lost 2 uncles and in the last 11 months i have lost 3 aunts to cancer.
I have been on various anti depressants over the years Lustral, Prozac and Citalopram, I never felt any better on them except I am exhausted and sleep for hours and hours. I don't know which road to take now I came off my Citalopram in may when I asked the doc to change my meds as with the school holidays coming up I couldn't be so sleepy through the day with a 6yr old, his response was sleep when you have to sleep, If only it is that simple :blob_fire.
As my son at the moment is being tested for having Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and can be at most of the time a handful.
I have never been back to the doctor since May as I found him unapproachable, I have thought of changing docs but to be honest meds is an absolute last resort. As I would rather try alternative therapies.
My partner works crazy hours 7 days a week and gives me no emotional or mental support. the only reason we are really still together is for our sons sake. I did post in a depression board and they said they thought I should try a P.T.S.D. board as it sounded similar to that.
Anyone have any suggestions on what to do now?
All advice gladly taken on board.
Love and hugs Karen x x x