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Quote from Felix73:
hi Natt,

Thanks. I think things are improving slowly. I went into the doctors to get some blood tests done as a reference and ended up nearly having a stand up row with the doctor who had never heard of Free T3 and Free t4 tests and told me I would have to go overseas to have them done. When I made him call the lab to check, he gave in "as a favour"! Bah. I'm just getting so sick of battling with incompetent doctors.

Rant over. I just think its God help you if you don't know what you are doing yourself.
if anyone else is reading this, please do you own research and don't just rely on the doctors.

Felix x

First of all, great advice! We are our best advocates when we educate ourselves.
Now I can just speak for myself on this one. I was on Prozac for menstral cramps before my hypo dx. Prozac btw worked GREAT! Totally took away the cramps. But it did nothing for my depression so my doctor (lovely man :nono:) rx'd Xanax in ADDITION to the Prozac I was already taking. Still, the depression was there to the point of me going to the ER crying my eyes out and telling the doctor I thought I wanted to kill myself. That doc tested my TSH and found it to be high. She started me on Synthroid. Thank God I went to the ER that night. If I had left it up to my lovely doctor :nono:, he never would have tested my thyroid. Needless to say, he's not my doctor anymore.