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I agree that there is a big difference between having PMS (being overly emotional, crying a lot, snapping for no reason) and having PMDD. PMDD is like having a multiple personality disorder and there's no such thing as "it's just mind over matter" because you are not in control at all. And that second personality is unpredictable, wild and dangerous to others.

I'm glad you are investigating this now because as bad as it can be for relationships, it's 100 times worse when it comes to parenting. Can you imagine letting a raving lunatic in your house to freely abuse your children? Of course not. But that's what happens every month if you have PMDD and don't have it controlled.

For my kids' sake, I went to therapy AND started an anti-depressant. It was like a miracle. I resisted it for a long time because I didn't want to be "one of those people on Prozac" but yknow what? Who cares what anyone thinks? You have to take care of yourself and take care of these little children that depend on you.

I only wish I had been as responsible as you are and looked for a solution before I had children. If you take charge now, you'll be a great mom later. :D
Quote from americandancer:
Hollyday, may I ask what medication you're taking for pmdd?

I was prescribed Prozac. But instead of just taking it 2 weeks a month, I took it daily because I thought it would work better if it had a steady level in my body. It worked really well to muffle my anger spells. They still happened, but at a more controllable level and not nearly so wild.

However, 3 months ago I got off the Prozac (after 7 years of daily use) because I really really wanted to be able to live a normal life without a pill. At first things were ok but now I'm raving again. I have anger issues anyway, they were just exacerbated at certain times of the month. Now even my so-called "good days" are getting filled back up with rage.

I hate my mouth sometimes!!! I just have no control of some of the horrible things I say! I'm thinking about getting on St. John's Wort because it works like an anti-depressant. Isn't it funny that anti-depressants help with uncontrollable anger??? I'm not depressed, I just want to blast everyone I meet! ;)

I guess this really should have been a different thread because it's a whole other issue. Sorry for the hijack...