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Tonight I had a really great talk with my brother. We talked about Christmas and family and all that. How hes glad Christmas is over, and I too agreed. He lives in Nevada and I live in Washington so we are miles apart but are always very close, like best friends. We discussed how my son suffers from severe Depression. But I brought up the topic to my brother that my son seems to be more manic as time goes on. He has severe mood changes from one moment to the next. The doctor has my son on prozac, which makes me a little nervous but at the same time I feel that my son does benefit a lot from this medication. Then my brother said, that have I ever took a good look at our family. We are all Bipolar, my brother thinks. He thinks he is bipolar, my mother is, sister, and so am I. Well, I was surprised he said this. I have been diagnosed for years with General Depression and Anxiety.Then he said that one minute I am really happy, and then when something goes wrong I am way way down. This got me to thinking, if I was bipolar, why wouldnt I know it? Then I started thinking...geez am I in denial? Right now I take Celexa for the depression and anxiety and it seems to be really helpful. But I have never considered if I am bipolar. What is everyones thoughts on this? I am just baffled with what my brother said, definately not offended, but just surprised. Any feedback would be really helpful you guys. Thanks. :confused:
If you are seeing THAT kind of behavior in your son while he is on SSRIs be it prozac or any other,plus the family Hx of bi polar, get him the heck off the SSRi he is on asap.This happened to my son as well.We do not have any mental health issues running in our family but because of my sons reaction to the SSRis, he ended up developing what is called bi polar III.

My son was originally Dxed with depression and was placed on prozac to start.He was,before the prozac was started.Still somewhat his normal self just had really some rather depressed times.His normal personality was usually easy going and this kid loved to laugh and tell jokes.He has a greart personality,was always caring and loved his dog to death.within a months time after starting the prozac he told me that he just didn't 'feel right".this was the start of the year from hell with manic episodes,total personality changes his easy going additude was now gone.He also became rather cold and withdrawn.He also totally ignored his dog.I kept telling his docs that he really seemed to have some type of a sensitivity or something to the actual SSRis he was currently taking as everytime we stopped one and tried another or just upped the dosages,within two weeks,and everytime, it would result in yet another over the top episode.My son was no longer my son.It was really horrible to watch this.eventually(almost a year later) he had the last of his episodes as I told the paramedics to take him to the ER of one of our local hospitals that has a really great adolescent mental health facility.This was the turning point for my son.Within only a days time of being there,i recieved a call from his phsyc doc.he said he felt very very strongly that my son was indeed suffering from a reaction to his SSRI meds.He had developed a condition called bi polar III.From what he told me, it is not really a true bi polar but you do exhibit some of the symptoms of it,the biggest one of course was the manic type episodes.God, what a relief it was to know that.He stayed in the hosp for about two weeks,was taken off any ssris, and placed on depakote.He is back to his old self now.He loves his dog again his sense of humor is back and there have been NO MORE MANIC EPISODES!you really do need to get him to a doc that is familiar with this condition.this all was caused strictly by the use of SSRIs,nothing else.Please do some research on bi polar III.I was truely amazed at how well it fit my sons condition,almost to a T.See what you think,and go from there.But at any rate, he definitely needs to get off of the SSRIs.at least maybe for like a six week period of time to see if his behavior changes.I thinlk you will be suprised.Good luck and please keep me posted,K?
Hi everyone who posted, I just want to say thank you for your responses. There have been times I have wondered if I am bi polar, but at the same time I still see myself as having General Depression and anxiety, what I have already been diagnosed with a few times. At the same time, I too see that when I get down I get really way way down. Then when I am up I feel as if I can handle anything and any situation. Friends tell me that I have such an amazing positive side that they admire that. Which I look at too...that maybe I am just really positive minded some days. We cant all be happy all the time non stop, and I am definately not happy constantly non stop. Ever since I lost my job I think my self esteem has gone way down, and I am trying to work through that. I had a professional career that I lost a few months back and it was devastating. Also I do not have custody of both my sons, and think that I have done extremely well in working through that, being a good mom, and also devotedly paying child support. Just that right there is enough to pull someone so far down. For several years I have not had my children (I was never an unfit parent or anything like that) but when my work found out I do not have custody of my children I feel as if I was treated really strangely and unjustly. Just work knowing I dont have custody of my children, it was like pure hell going to work everyday although I loved much about my career. Now, for years I have remained a big part of my childrens lives and try to be very involved. My children are wonderful. I do get along with their dad, and his wife after years of not so good things between them and me, but its better now. At the same time, you never get over not having custody of your children. My youngest son suffers from depression problems and is on prozac, but I notice that he seems to be manic as time goes on. He goes into massive mood swings. As well, I am trained to know a lot about medical things...but try not to diagnose. That could become a bad habit for me if I did that all the time. But my gut instinct says...my sons behavior is becoming more manic as time goes on. His father and my exhusbands wife feel he has depression and just needs to stay on the prozac, and also say that he does better on it then before he took it. In way I believe that, because they have been around him way more...since I did not live in the same town, I had lived in another town for several years until recently. Now I am around my children much more now, and also see things that I did not notice before because we are around each other much much more now. So in some ways, they are adjusting to me being around a lot more now and sometimes I think he could be manic...but then he could also be adjusting to me being more around, and also expecting more rules since we spend time together. His behaviour could very well be rebelling to the change of having more rules with me....plus he is a teenager. Anyway, all this information that i have added in this post probably can explain a lot more than my first post. Thanks for letting me share this with you all, its not so easy to share but I am getting better at sharing this since I have been working on a lot of things in my life.
Please do some research on the bi polar III that my son has.His situation just seems be the same as what your son is also dealing with.I thought that my son was doing much better on the prozac too,AT FIRST.Then things went down hill,and fast.But I did not know at that time whether this horrid anger was just part of the depression or what.Well we found out that it definitely was not.and it was being created by his reactin to the SSRIs.I think that at the very least here, you need to at least check into it and see if the symptoms also fit your child.If this is bi polar III and it is not treated properly,the anger will become worse and worse.Good luck,Marcia
Ok, yes I will check into this further and see if the father of my children and his wife will at least consider taking our son to a different doctor. We live in a small town and the doc that he sees just does not seem to do anything but prescribe prozac. Thank you so much for your response Marcia, I will do all I can to see if there is something that can be done. Again, thank you so much.
Thanks Shadowrose40. The docs I have here in this small town are a joke though, they only prescribe prozac for any little thing. Since going off to med school and working in a bigger town and then moving back here after the loss of my job...I am beyond frustrated with the healthcare in this small town because I know there is better care elsewhere. Little do I have control over what is decided for my kids because they are not in my custody, so I dont have a lot of say so in their medical care...but I do voice my oppinions on how i feel. At the same time, I am thinking I am going to have to travel to the next city...which is close to 4 hours away to get the proper care for me. What helps with your bipolor? What are the meds the are commonly taken for bipolar? I am only familiar with ssri's so I dont know the other meds...but have heard of Depakote. What other meds are there for this disease? Again, thank you all for replying.