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I quit smoking before my first fusion 14months ago and now I am trying to get rid of 20 extra pounds. I'm terrible with self control because when you're already in pain its hard to make your self suffer anymore by dieting but this week I have lost 6 pounds!!!! :bouncing: But it wasnt anything that I had done: I have been taking Prozac for a week and I have been really sicky feeling!!! ~~~DEBBIE~~~

I was taking Prozac about twelve years ago. I loved the fact that I lost weight on it but you have to really watch the weight part of it. I lost thirty pounds but had started out at 115. I never wanted to eat and I was wired all of the time. I got down to being so thin that people thought that I had AIDS.

I started a chart on my frig to make sure that I got the right foods and vitamins. It was hard to eat because nothing tasted like food. I lost interest in foods and sex and just about everything inbetween.

I am not saying that this will happen to you, but if you start to lose too much weight and find yourself not eating, adjust your dose or ask your doctor to find something else that might work.

Losing weight is great, and when I start to put on a pound or two, I think about my Prozac experience. My husband was force feeding me Ensure so I would not die, there in the end. Ensure was enough to make me stop and take a serious look in the mirror.

I had always worn baggy clothes and have no mirrors in my house, so had no idea why people were starring at me. Looking back now, I wish that someone had shared this with me.

When you start to lose weight, you lose water weight and then muscle weight. Your body holds on to fat. Make sure that you exercise while losing the weight so that you lose the bad weight and not muscle.

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