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I must agree with Kerry1 here. It could be that it is physical. I think that's the way it is with me.
I've had a very bad temper all my life and have been looking for natural supplements, etc., to take to help the situation. I take prozac which helps with temperment (believe it or not).
But I still would get upset at the littlest things and be very frustrated all the time. Finally I stumpled on to two supplements that have reduced my temper immeasurably. One is good quality cod liver and fish oil. The other is magnesium taurate (other forms of magnesium don't seem to absorb or work as well). The fish oil mellows out my temper, delays reactions and actually gets me to think before acting (it's not perfect, however). Then the magnesium taurate works to help my magnesium deficiency (self diagnosed) and helps with temper also. The two together (still take the prozac) have really transformed my anger to a much lower level.
Good luck.