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I lost my first child at 14 months to sids. I remember everyone looking at me like they
to say something and yet didn't know what to say. honestly there really isn't a great thing to say because the one grieving just isn't in the mood to hear anything. but believe me the worst is "i can imagine what your going through" or "my dog died so i know what your going through" I would say the best thing is to go up to that person and tell them very sincerely that if they ever want to talk or not talk just give me a call. and then be there for them when they do. I found that i wanted and needed to talk about my daughter but no one wanted to hear, cause they didn't know how to respond. the thing is they didn't have to respond. all they had to do was just listen. a hug or a pat or a squeezed hand worked wonders. just a person who was on my side and wasn't going to judge me or tell me to get over it , someone who would listen while i spouted crazy things and didn't tell me to get on prozac was a blessing.