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So lets see i had a kid in July, went on prozac in Aug. and off and on and off and on. Then in Jan. I took way too many, couple days later had a panic attack, went to the hospital, got diagnosed bipolar. went on depakote for a wk and a half, til I got mad again at therapy and quit the depa. for 2 wks now. See a new therapist today, i am so hoping to get help, tells me I can't get in to see the p-doc for 6 weeks. tells me to call my reg dr or ob for an anti d unless I can rough it til I see the dr. My reg dr is a quack and my obs office shoved me out to the therapy place. I have spent all afternoon crying and eating. Now i am drinking cappacino contemplating what to do. I have so many darn moods that I was so hoping to get some kind of new med to try. I just want to be somewhat normal. i was never perfect but i know it was better than this. Any advice?? any shoulders for me?? I just do not know what to do any more. I just dont know. i am sick of giving up and i am sick of trying. i dont know what the hell is wrong with me , but something is. thanks for listening any one out there.
Thank you guys so much! I really have no one to talk to, that is why I am trying so hard to find people like me. Even though all of us people are alike in more ways than I ever knew. (but thats a whole nother story). I did go to the hospital last month and it seems like a year ago. To get to the point (finally) I spoke with dh when he got home and decided I would start back on 40 mg prozac. I still had a whole bottle left with a couple refills. he will dispense them to me every night as I am not able to take them properly -lol!! we figure it will be better then being on nothing at all. I cried so hard today and I am just tired of feeling so badly. Hope this will work, if nothing else it will keep me "hyped up" for a month. That energy should be back soon!! So I guess there is a bright side. I just hate it though. Is everyone as contradictory as I am?

Thank you all so much!
Thanks Jamie! I have a problem of taking too many or none. I was kind of disgusted too (thought I finally kicked prozac), but I certainly did not want any part of the depakote either. Guess I will just play it by ear.